Seaford College, Lavington Park, West Sussex

Seaford College is an independent school within the grounds of Lavington Park at the foot of the South Downs escarpment. School buildings have spread over much of the land around the eighteenth-century mansion and onto the parkland.
ACTA is preparing a conservation plan which looks at the opportunities for landscape restoration and enhanced landscape management and which will be a basis for considering the location of new buildings and the removal of inappropriate ones.

The walled garden and the terraces around the mansion date from the sixteenth century but have a long history of use and modification. They are probably nationally significant and their conservation is a high priority. Although the park in its present form dates from the nineteenth century, research has shown that there are at least two earlier designed landscapes underlying it.

Historic map analysis shows the origin of some veteran trees in field boundaries, lanes and avenues, but also a designed landscape associated with the eighteenth-century mansion.

The house commands fine views across the Weald and one of the central landscape issues is maintaining the setting shown here in a twentieth-century Country Life photograph, while allowing the development of new school facilities.