Scotney Castle, Kent

Scotney Castle is one of the icons of nineteenth-century picturesque landscaping. ACTA produced a conservation plan with a vision of restoring the estate to the spirit and detail created by Edward Hussey III in the period 1828 - 43, who had the assistance of the architect Anthony Salvin and the landscape improver, William Sawrey Gilpin.

Like all ACTA conservation plans the plan for Scotney was based on:

  • original historical research
  • establishing significance
  • defining issues
  • preparing realistic policies.

Management plans for the park, garden and woodlands were developed from the policies in the conservation plan.

Subsequently ACTA prepared a conservation statement for the walled garden and an analysis of potential new sites for a car park in connection with expanding visitor facilities at Scotney.

The link from old Scotney Castle to the new mansion is central to the significance of the site.
The plan established the significance of lost views from the garden which are now being restored.

The edges of the park were created by thinning the surrounding woodland.