Goodnestone Park, Kent

Goodnestone Park, Kent is grade II* on the English Heritage Register and is a very fine example of a property that has developed gradually since the seventeenth century, retaining veteran trees and the imprint of each major phase of design.

acta prepared a tree management plan for the whole of the park, reinstating the quality of the park in its nineteenth-century heyday. Particular attention was given to reinstating the Serpentine Walk. This was set in the eighteenth century to give views across the park and estate, restored about 100 years later and modified with ornamental planting in the twentieth century. Detailed proposals were prepared for restoration under Higher Level Environmental Stewardship linking the walk to a circuit around the park and to the newly-restored ice house. These are currently being implemented.

The park has trees of a very wide range of ages. This enabled a long-term approach to gradual replacement to be developed

The first edition Ordnance Survey shows the reinstatement of the Serpentine Walk probably dating from the 1840s

Detailed prescriptions were prepared for restoration of the walk