Buxted Park SSSI

There has been a park at Buxted since at least the thirteenth century and the site is grade II* on the English Heritage Register of Parks and Gardens. The relict soils and largely natural drainage pattern support acid grassland and fen communities of high value. These are vulnerable to the heavy public pressure on the site, and in recent years the deer herd has declined so that the fine acid grassland has become coarse and overgrown.

acta prepared detailed National Vegetation Classification maps of the park and identified the areas of highest species-richness. Working closely with advice from specialists in restoration grazing, detailed prescriptions for the high value areas were prepared combined with path restoration and a network of permissive paths to control public access. The prescriptions are being implemented under Higher Level Stewardship.

Mapping of the National Vegetation Classification Communities was the basis for grassland prescriptions

Air photograph analysis defined areas where bracken cover has remained stable for the past 50 years and former cultivated areas where it is out of control. Management prescriptions based on spraying and crushing were prepared

Much of the vegetation pattern is the result of brief and localised cultivation. There is no evidence that the area in the foreground was cultivated, but the rough pasture in the middle ground is the result of a brief period of twentieth-century ploughing