Bodiam Castle, East Sussex

Bodiam Castle is one of the best examples of a late medieval castle or fortified manor house set within a designed landscape. This was dominated by wetland but was not fully understood until re-appraisal of the site in the 1990's.

Between the mid-eighteenth and mid-twentieth centuries landscaping schemes and natural regeneration of trees allowed a more wooded landscape to develop, culminating in the planting by Lord Curzon to screen nineteenth and twentieth-century development. ACTA analysed the vegetation history of the site and developed a strategy for managing the declining tree cover and restoring the medieval watery landscape.

In another phase of the long-term management of the site, ACTA analysed proposals for the car park which would minimise intrusion into the very open valley landscape within the High Weald AONB

Client: The National Trust

The setting of the castle in the early twentieth century.

Planting by Lord Curzon intended to screen Edwardian buildings.

By dividing the site into zones of different intensity of use it will be possible to minimise the impact of cars on the wider landscape.